Step back in time with this enchanting Italian Renaissance-inspired venue, “Villa Terrace,” for a unique engagement session in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. First, when all the planning comes together after multiple reschedules due to sickness and weather, there’s nothing better than seeing the final product of all that work and patience. Thankfully, Kirsten and Joe’s Engagement Session […]

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Italian Renaissance Engagement Session at Milwaukee Mansion.

If you’re a photographer, I know you have been put into the position of photographing an engagement session when conditions are less than ideal. Do not fear; this is commonplace, but knowing a few strategies can help you succeed. Most importantly, remember to be prepared beforehand with strategies. To help with a brainstorming session, check […]

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How to Photograph an Engagement Session with No Color during Late Winter.

I always get asked, “When should we plan an engagement session? What season?” Simply put, anytime, and this session is the perfect example to show that. Sure, it can be brutally cold in October, especially on Lake Michigan, but braving the cold in the fall can lead to some absolutely stunning photos. Yes, the beach […]

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A Cold yet Memorable Lake Michigan Engagement Session.



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