March 6, 2024

How to Photograph an Engagement Session with No Color during Late Winter.

If you’re a photographer, I know you have been put into the position of photographing an engagement session when conditions are less than ideal. Do not fear; this is commonplace, but knowing a few strategies can help you succeed. Most importantly, remember to be prepared beforehand with strategies. To help with a brainstorming session, check out a few simple tips below.

1. Schedule your session around sunset or sunrise.

2. Use pine trees for long-lasting color if photographing in nature.

3. Use the taller person to block out the sun from the other person’s head by standing in front of them. This cancels out shadows from both subject’s faces. This is VERY important.

4. Use architecture/buildings to create leading lines that lead to your subject(s). Buildings can also add beautiful neutrals to your photographs with also creating shade if you must shoot during the day.

5. Use pops of color!

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