February 6, 2024


I must admit, I am guilty of purchasing a camera that was released in 2014 in January of 2024. Not only that, it was $3,700.


Since my photography exploration began in 2008, there has always been a race to have the best gear. Even the best gear you can purchase at any given time becomes the penultimate piece of gear because a new piece of technological advancement is always around the corner. There NEVER is the “best.” Yet, I still find myself “wanting” more megapixels, faster autofocus, better AI subject detectability, more buttons to customize, more EVERYTHING! But why? I don’t even know anymore. The funny thing is, if you look back in time, some of the most iconic photos ever created have been on painfully slow manual film cameras. From the first 35mm film cameras in 1914 to the Leica III to Medium and Large Format cameras, every subject has been documented.

If you think about it, the digital camera technology hit its peak (to me) with the Nikon D700 & Canon 5D Mk. II. You have plenty of megapixels to create practical prints for couples while maintaining great autofocus and precision. Everything now is just gravy.

So, if every subject was possible to photograph back in the day, why do we make it so difficult in this age in a game of constant catch-up? Because we need to “Keep up with the Joneses.” Well, at the beginning of this year, I decided to limit my photography capability by adding as little features from a digital camera as possible while also sacrificing autofocus. Why would I purchase a camera for an exorbitant price for limiting capabilities? Simply, to get back to the basics, hence my Leica M-P (Type 240).

As I explore and learn this camera I shall make a long post. So be on the lookout!

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